RAJESH SHARMA

                                                   Founder of Raj Divine Life        

Rajesh Sharma is the founder of Raj Divine Life. He started this organization in the year of 2010. He started to walk at the spiritual path since childhood. He use to do lots of worship of deities and devas. He has been practicing meditation since last 12 years. He practices and teaches meditation, Healing, Energy class etc.

While meditating he gathered many experiences and knowledge. He understood how energy works..how does it affect our everyday life……..How do we welcome negative energy unconsciously and unwillingly. He understood the reason why do we feel pain, grief, sorrow, obstacles, problems etc. and also understand how to solve these problems.

He has been practicing energy healing also like Rajyog Spiritual Healing, Pranic Healing Basic, Pranic Healing Advance, Pranic Healing Psychotherapy, Pranic Healing Crystal, Psychic Self Defence, Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul, Arhatic Yoga, Kriyashakti, Reiki Degree – 1, Reiki Degree – 2 , Tao Healing, etc.

After practicing these healing he introduces new method of energy healing known as “Raj Divine Healing”, which is one of the safest healing methods for physical, mental, financial and spiritual issues and growth.

As a lecturer he spreads knowledge and gives classes at different places. He gives lecture on different problems of life and it’s solution, he also gives classes on law of karma, Energy world, Meditation and energy Healing.

He wants to spread positive energy all around and makes everybody happy by giving them the proper knowledge so that everybody can live a peaceful and blissful life.