Clients sharing experiences about Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Energy world


Mr. S Sharma
I am acharya. I conduct pujas and all. I learn meditation on chakras and soul. Get lots of energy. Sometimes become voiceless because of experiencing peace in deep.


Ms. R agarwal
Very good experience. Come to know about many things. Still need to learn much more. I wish all the best to Raj Divine Life.


Mr. M Pramanik
I am a student of Jadavpur University. At present I am doing research on my theses. The service is very good. Friendly environment. Was very much stressed because of my study but now I am happy, stressfree and very much satisfied.


Ms. V Agarwal
I am from Rajasthan. I have come here for study. Doing yoga and feeling very light. No stress. Good people.


Mr. A Luharuka
Sri Rajesh Sharma is our yoga teacher. We are feeling great all day after doing yoga and our body is really going to be great within a span of 5 months or so.


Mr. A Mohanty
My gratitude will always be there with our teacher for showing me the right path of spirituality.


Ms. A Charterjee
Meditation and yoga class are really good. Looking forward for more classes


Mr. R agarwal
Feeling really good and satisfied.


Mr. D Bose
Basically i am an angry person but after doing yoga and meditation i realized that my condition is better now. I wish all the best to Raj Divine Life.


Mr. S Agarwal
Feeling great


Mr. G Jalan
We are doing yoga and meditation classes from our teacher since last one month. It is fine with me and i am very much satisfied with yoga and meditation. I am feeling more energetic throughout the day. Please introduce energy classes in the class


Mr. P Murarka
Superb experience


Mr. M Jhawar
The result of yoga classes are satisfactory


Mr. M Saboo
Our teacher Rajesh Sharma is an assets of your foundation because he changed our life style and soul. We all member are very grateful for his effort.


Ms. V Malhotra
I have been doing yoga since last 2 years around. Very good experience and very good people.