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            First Time in the History

Raj Divine Life


The purpose of this course is to make one's life peaceful, blissful and successful by providing the deep knowledge of energy and techniques. Here we will understand the reasons and solutions of our problems. Techniques and procedure to overcome within a few minutes Painful moments, fear, anger, jealous, sudden pain in different parts of body, IBS, Naval displacement, stress, heaviness, weakness & overcome, depression, frustration, anxiety, etc.


Ladies' Divine Protection


For the first time in history we are providing a unique course. Ladies' Divine Protection is a special course where they will be taught few energy techniques through which they can protect themselves from unwanted situations like - rape, harassment, sexual assault etc.

Raj Divine Relationship Management


This course is for those who is having issues in their relationships. If you are thinking for a divorce or living separately then one should surely attend this course. Parents - Children relationships
Teachers - Students relationships
Owner - Employee relationships
Friends relationships and so to deal with the relationship successfully will be taught.

Raj Divine Healing Level - 1


We will learn safest yet effective way of healing
Would be able to heal physical and mental issues
We will have a proper knowledge of energy
We will understand how meditation works in our daily life
How to avoid negative energy and welcome positive energy
How to neutralize negative karma
Will be able to heal ourselves and others as well

Raj Divine Healing Level - 2


Distant Healing
Advance technique of healing for stubborn negative energies
Situation Healing
Relationship Healing
Future Success
Fulfillment of wish
Technique to improve energy level of your house
Different level of world blessing for different purpose etc.
After completing this course, if participant wants to work with us then they may apply for it.

Raj Divine Healing Level - 3


Since the high level of techniques will be taught in this advance level of healing it is strictly recommended for healers to meditate on a regular basis. High level of healing required high level of technique and regular healing practice.

Meditation Level - 1


In this level we will have a very clear concept of meditation. We will learn how to improve concentration power, focus mind in one direction, understand different kind of meditation and its uses.

Meditation Level - 2


Here we will learn different kind of meditation for different purpose for e.g., meditation for healing relationships, meditation for removing negative energy from life, meditation for achieving success, meditation for peace and bliss, meditation for fear, meditation for anger and so on.

Meditation Level - 3


Only those who meditate regularly and sincerely can do this course. Higher level of meditation will be conducted in the class for higher achievements.

Basic Yoga


Basic yoga is for self practice for weight loss and self fitness. After finishing this course one may do it at their home for regular basis to keep fitness. Here the participants will be taught about the few basic poses with their functions and their importance. Few stretching will also be there along with the proper no. of pranayama.

Masala Yoga


In this level we will learn different kind of yoga like - hath yoga, kids yoga, rajyoga. Yoga for prenatal and post natal & so on will be taught. After completing this level one may do it for self fitness and suggest others also according to their need with proper precaution. After completing this course, if participant wants to work with us then they may apply for it.

Advance Yoga


For attending this course one should be a regular practitioner of yoga. In this advance level we will learn Power Yoga and advance level of Hath yoga, and others for intense flexibility, strength, confident and perfect proportion of physic and figure.

Raj Divine Life Courses

Courses may be given at your place with a batch of 20 people, fees depends on batch size, course configuration, location etc.
According to distance number of people will be required.
We offer corporate training program.
This workshop can be conducted in other cities also, travelling, boarding, lodging expenses etc. to be borne by the sponsoring company.
There could be classes on weekdays also.
We conduct workshop at different places like schools, offices, societies, colleges and at client' s places also.

Raj Divine Life Classes

We provide classes and courses on Energy world, Meditation, Healing and Yoga.
We provide classes and courses in the schools, offices, apartments, societies and at your place also.
Our services start from 6am in the morning till 8pm at night six days a week.
One time registration form need to be fill up (registration charges Rs. 300/- for classes).
Classes duration - 1 hour approx.
We work on monthly basis.
We charge in advance.